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My method of Jujitsu is based on my experience of better than 40 years, studying with many great teachers not the least of which is my Sensei Frank Curtis. Jujitsu is neither effortless nor painless, but it is rewarding. In my study of the art I have found the best techniques to be simplistic in nature. My instructor always said “Keep it simple student”



Jujitsu is unique in that it is deferent from person to person. Not that fundamentals or kihon are not important, but once they are a part of your Jujitsu it becomes a very unique art.



Today there are countless styles of Jujitsu being advertised, but very few have legitimate roots in Japanese Jujitsu. My Sensei taught me Kito Ryu Jujitsu for over 20 years, this is the basis for the the system I now call Minami Ryu. Minami Ryu means Southern School or Style.







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Dedicated to Todd Weber, taken home too soon.






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